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Thread: Ruby on Rails

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    I am looking to learn more about Ruby on Rails. Can you forward me a book title for this?

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    on something.

    There's a new version for 2.2.2 coming out. There might be a free beta-pdf of that out.

    You should probably also get a proper ruby book, don't really have any specific recommendations there. You'll need it for stuff like .map. It does my head in. The online help is supposedly good as well. Haven't looked at that much yet.

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    Ok, it's old as fuck but still I will reply :

    I bought this one when I started in Ruby,

    Don't know if there is a new version for Rails 2 and up.

    If you have some experience with Object-oriented languages like C# or Java, it's really a piece of cake to learn. Plus you can make great things with very little code.
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