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Thread: Riaa How They Track People

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    So how does the RIAA find out who is downloading music?. If the IP address is dynamically allocated, that means it changes each time the user connects, right? So in theory, a user wud never get the same IP address, so how do they track them.

    ne thoughts, opinions

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    your ISP has a record of which of their customers were using that particular IP at that particular time. the RIAA asks your ISP to supply that information. as far as i know most ISP's resist this, citing privacy etc. i'm too tired to answer any better than that.

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    The reason those 261 people got sued is because of the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) It states that copyright holders can supoena ISP's without the ISP's resisting - they have no say. Not even the person about to be sued can protect himself. Thats why some senators and ISP's are fighting the DMCA to try and instate more checks and balances.

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    Something like the IRS approaching your bank, to see the contents of your safe deposit box?

    Strange guys, those americans. ® Obelix

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    and also
    summary guide of anti file sharing groups


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