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Thread: Problem Displaying Movies On Tv

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    have an nvidia gforce4 MX 440 Video card with super video out. Have had it connected to TV for 6 months. Just installed new Hard drive, now can't see anything other than background on Monitor. used to see icons and whatever was on primary screen. Can see if drag to far right of primary monitor. i don't know what I did, but I have spent a lot of time trying to fix it. saw a post referring to Clone monitor, but cannot find any selections like that. Have foune "Span monitor" does not seem to make a difference. Any help appreciated.

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    Hmmm, sounds strange. Did you make sure to set the hard drive jumpers in the right place?

    Does the hard drive have an operating system installed?

    In general, it helps us to help you if you could kindly list the specifications (components) of your computer system and any software or hardware changes you have made recently.

    Try right cliking the desktop and going to properties and see if you can somehow find the Nvidia desktop manager. There you may find your solution.


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