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Thread: best 1 giga private seedbox for 90$ max anyone knows?

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    can anyone recommend me a good 1 giga private seedbox im willing to pay for it 90$
    if anyone know or heard any good reviews please let me know im looking for a box already proper configured utorrent webgui and vnc and ftp access
    let me know if u can help me

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    you could get Kimsufi XL4 for like 95$ from official kimsufi or at higher price from Reseller.

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    Kimsufi XL4 for 71.99€ or 71.99 or 91.95$ (all with VAT).
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    what u think of this offer?
    anyone has exp with them?

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    Quote Originally Posted by invitemaster View Post
    what u think of this offer?
    anyone has exp with them?
    You can see some reviews here

    The 90$ Package of Outsystem has a 100Mbps SLA-Standart OVH-Internet connection burstable to 1Gbps inside of the Datacenter (OVH-OVH)

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    yes i cant buy from kimsfui since they cant be order from the middle east and i dont want to bother with ********* since they have the worst support ever
    so still searching

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    i would like to apologize after talk with the big boss over on the outside..
    we talke dit over simple worker mistake or soemthing anyway he was kind to answer all my questions and he seems like a fair guy after all
    so hopefully in the coming days im getting my seedbox ready


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