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Thread: File Too Big.......

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    I`m currently d`loading a mpeg movie, 853245kb, in the description it says its too big to burn to a cd, if this is true, is there any way to compress it or cut it in half so i can burn it? Thanks.

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    cd or dvd?
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    I want to burn it to cd.

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    Check out AVI SPlitter (available on KL). There is other software out there too that can help to split files.

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    depends. are you burning it as a CD-ROM type of thing, or as a video cd? If your burning as a CD-ROM you could always convert it to another format such as WMV. This might help get it onto 1 CD, but will also slightly effect the quality. (allthough i find WMV to be very high quality for the file size). If your burning as a video CD, then try AVI spliter, or another tool that can split movies up. You might be able to find a package dedicated to Video CD burning, including all the tools you need in one.

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    if it is a MPEG, then burn it as VCD (or SVCD).

    if it's a .avi you can burn it using XCD, available at sourceforge.

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    Thanks all.

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    I'm not sure, but i think that VCDs burn by the length of the movie, not the size correct me if i'm wrong,

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    I will correct u VCD's go by size.

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    Your both correct to a degree, it depends both on the quality(size) and the length of the movie, you can fit over 80 mins on a 700mb/80 min cd, the max size can be about 800mb - 820mb depending on how far the particular cd can be overburned.

    But the size qouted 853mb is far too big for a 80min/700mb cd, you could either depending on if it's an avi or svcd/vcd, split the movie, get a 800mb cd, burn to dvd or get a smaller version.

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