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Thread: Riia Screwing With Us

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    Dan Version 1
    Everyone, RIIA agents are under cover on Kazaa Lite. I was downloading a bunch of songs and I previewed them and they were jacked up. So I was suspicious and checked all those users for other stuff and nothing ever came up. So I IM'd them and questioned them and they cancelled my downloads and then immediatley my firewall said that there were over 700 high-rated attempted hacks/intrusions into my computer taking place.

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    old news
    take a look around and you'll see more...

    welcome to the board though
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    also, we have a lounge area for such discussion if ud like.

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    u cant c their files cus they have hidden them like i have and many other people. look in k-lite options. u should get the newer version and block bad ips. i dnt think riaa can have files on their pc or waever they use or they r breaking their own law but i cud be wrong.

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    use of a router makes your computer more secure

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    - Those 700 firewall blocks per hour are not hackers. When you close down K++, your firewall will start blocking all the incomming requests for uploads. And with everybody having their Accelerator on the fastest settings, it&#39;s a LOT of requests.

    I still get pols on the port I used in K++ 2.0.2. Some users never give up on a download.


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