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Thread: Rapidshare Uploader not working

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    Hi Guys

    I have been using Rapidshare Uploader for two years with no probs.

    I just installed a new C drive and downloaded the latest version of Uploader.

    But now I cannot uplaod anything.

    I add a file to be uploaded and all I get in the bottom status line is "Measuring Speed" and Trying every 30 seconds"

    Any suggestions ?
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    I'm sorry I'm not familiar with that program ....... I just download shit . I'm just pulling your leg as you should have members galore helping you upload . I'd check the Rapidshare forums for help ?

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    now i had some troubles too with rapidshare uploader but i downloaded the new version and its working fine, if not working for you rapidshare uplaoder try rapidshare manager has option to download and upload file to RS


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