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Thread: ESiR 1080

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    is ESiR more a 720p release group then 1080p ?.. iv noticed they do very little 1080 work?, or do they do both but im not seeing it because im not in HDBITS.. ?

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    Fifty pages of "ESiR 720p" vs. 7 pages of "ESiR 1080p" on HDBits, 15 torrents per page (note that this includes foreign language audios, there are quite a lot of them, on avg 2-3 for 1080p and 4-5 for 720p).
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    I believe their 720 releases look as good as some 1080 scene releases. Maybe that s why lol, and they are just as big sometimes too.

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    Actually this is a good question, I was wondering the same thing.

    I think ESiR makes HD encodes when they can achieve better quality over the other releases..

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    there many internal groups at HDBits. If one makes an encode for a movie, normally other groups can't encode the same movie if the quality is not much better. CtrlHD is the biggest group in HDBits and they encode 1080p really quick (they have many 720p encode also) so I guess ESiR focus on 720p, that's why they have less 1080p.

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    Because 720p are more popular, and most 1080p are not really better than upscaled 720p in terms of additional detail.

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    720p-Eisr wins
    1080p-Eureka wins

    U will find crap load of 1080p eureka but very lil 720frm them
    U will find crap load of 720p but very lil 1080p frm them

    The reason is Eureka's speciality in crf encodes


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