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  1. #1 started a year ago but it went down because a few other admins decided to quit leaving it to rot.

    But it has started again! stronger and faster than ever with new admins!, we are focusing on 0day xvid, only users with seedbox are allowed to get uploaders status. We have just placed order for another 2 seedboxes

    Working on new template to match *DARK*bitz

    - First 888 members will get 20gb upload credit upon registration
    - Fast download Speeds
    - Many silver/freeleech torrents for a start
    - friendly community

    - All new torrents uploaded are UNRAR so you can watch the movie or do other stuff file seeding without needing double the harddrive space

    Looking for more seedboxed uploaders.
    Looking for download seeders too =D

    Also remember to keep a good ratio of 1:1 or seed for at least 24hours

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  2. BitTorrent   -   #2
    Looking for seedboxed TV Series uploader, anyone?


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