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Thread: [REQ] TL Invite

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    I am hoping someone can give me an invite to TL. I am just getting back into the torrent scene after some inacviity that caused my account to be deleted (iT WAS IN GREAT STANDING).

    I don't have anything to offer you except a peace of mind that I have always been and will always be a good torrent seeder. I had always had a higher than 1:1 ratio.

    Thanks for your consideration.


    Something wrong with my dl, it should be alot higher, but the upload is accurate.
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    I would have maybe considered it except for this bit
    I don't have anything to offer you except a peace
    you mean you would trade if you could?

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    No I would not trade if I could. Trading is against the rules. I personally do not know why I put that. Like I said, I am a returning good member and am looking for an invite. So if you could help me out, thanks. If not, thanks for even looking at my thread.

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    best of luck. and pls try to be more active do some give aways etc

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    Thanks db_la_23. Like I said my first post. It's been awhile! I do hope someone can spare me a invite.

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    It has become a little harder to get invites in Tl so my suggestion to you is to get hold of an IPT invite instead. Ipt is a great replacement for tl/revott. The speeds are decent and content is probably better than tl's

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    in your sWaRm
    pm with proper explanation of inactivity here and there and some proofs that u r a good BT user,profile links or unedited screens will do...i feel like helping today


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