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Thread: Anyone download from IRC Channels anymore?

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    Anyone download from IRC Channels anymore?

    If so what channels?

    I used to use some back in the day but havn't touched it in a while, Has anything changed?

    A friend gave me some pre channels and then my life was reborn.

    So any suggestions?

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    Ever since I went to usenet, I only go to IRC as a 'very very last resort'

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    IRC is too much work man. Having to join a channel, watch for what command to type and well sometimes wait on the queue. Besides I don't think I ever maxed my connection on IRC. Sure I got some nice speeds but IRC was never my number 1 choice to get stuff.

    Before Usenet and Bittorrent and Rapidshare I used FTPs but it also was too much work having to locate the stuff on FXP boards and then finding out that some files were deleted and having to track those files. Right now Usenet is my main source because it's so damn easy and I can get pretty uch everything there. Then rapidshare, then bittorrent

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    'nuff channels of efnet that do 0daymp3s etc

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    Same as Saulin. I found IRC just to be more work than what it was worth. And I was only downloading small files like DS and PSP games, but still having to wait in massive queues. And probably only ever got at the most was half of my ISP download speed.

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    I use to use IRC to get some of my files too, but after I learned how to use newsgroup I never looked back at getting files from IRC.


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