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Thread: Req:HDTorrents

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    Hi Guys

    Some of you might remember my request thread where i was looking to get onto HDBits but that turned out to be nearly impossible.So ive basically given up on that idea for now

    Old Request Thread:

    Few months and 2 harddrives later i find myself still in the need of another source where i can get movies for my collection of HD movies.
    I now use SceneHD & BitHDTV (rarely) for hi-def movies but i want to see what else is out there.I get both new scene releases and old ones.So i guess i would be mainly interested in their archives.

    If i would be given the chance to recive an invite, i would offcourse be very gratefull and i can also promise that i`ll be a good member like i am on the 3 other sites that i am on.

    Here is my Ratio`s & a SpeedTest



    SpeedTest: (Upload speed is usually 18kbps more)

    Every GB i have uploaded has been done with my current Broadband connection.i havent used any Seedboxes to "achive" the stats i have on SceneHD.
    So having my Mac on 24/7 pays off :p

    Have a great sunday everyone
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    Mail please...

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    PM you with my email

    Thanks alot!


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