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Thread: Trouble Accessing Blackcat Games

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    Hopefully a helpful hand of Stoi may be a possibility here.

    For a while now my Blackcat account seemed to mot be responding to my phrase. Presumed it was an issue with using it from another IP (work). Have tried at home today and am still getting no where. I think there is now a chance my account has been cut due to the 60 Day rule, gutted

    I think my username will be monkeylover, but it could be sibeer. Been involved for two years and have a goor ratio (about 1.5 last time), no hit and run action and have really enjoyed being a member. Some problems in work and at home have knocked my usage down over recent months, but I am back on track now and would love to be able to access my account.

    Any help much appreciated

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    Do you know about the keyword.
    If not, then I'm pretty sure your account has been deleted.

    PS: There's been many threads like this one, you should have used the search option.
    I'm back. The downside is that I'm also old now.

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    your account is still thee under monkeylover (unless we have another member named that)

    type recover in the search box, input email in the new box that pops up, follow instructions in the email.

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    Thanks Stoi, you are a star

    Next issue is gues which email , hopefully won't get my account locked down for typing the wrong one in.

    Thanks The_Martinator too, when I said phrase I meant keyword though. If my account has dissappeared it is a long time after that.

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    Well, that is every email address I can think off typed in with none seeming to generate an email to the mailbox

    Looks like I am going to be without BCG till I can talk a nice person into a invite. Real shame to lose a 1.5 ratio UK account though (16MB down, 300K up).

    If Stoi or any of the other BCG crew can find the time to help me out recovering the account I would be happy to make a donation to help cover your time. Understand though if you can't or don't want to, but feel really sorry for my upcoming retro arcade cab project

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    well looking into it a bit monkeylover was last online 15 hours ago according to bcg
    so i take it thats not you then?

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    Thanks dude. Just tried the IRC before and it seems that I must have used another account name (guess that was already used). Unfortunately all the three others it may have been are gone now so looks like I will be hawking for an invite some time soon


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