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Thread: Xbox360

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    So i went out and bought myself a nice shiny new Xbox360 Elite.
    I have it directly wired into a port on my router (Negear DG834DGv3),
    i have set all ports correctly and im able to access Xbox Live.
    Then i found out i would be able to stream media from my PC to my Xbox to watch on TV.
    My problem is that nither my Xbox or PC can detect each other, as anyone got an idiots guide for me to set this up (i mean idiots guide like step by step).

    My setup is as follows:

    ♦Windows xp Pro Corp SP3 - upto date.

    I have the wire coming from the phone line straight into the router then the ethernet cable from port 1 on the router to the back of my PC.
    Then a ethernet from port 2 on my router to the Xbox360.

    Please help me

    nevermind got it working
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    You have to use a media center PC.
    So either:
    Windows XP Media Center
    Windows Vista
    or Windows 7.

    OR use windows media connect in windows XP pro/corp.


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