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Thread: [HELP] Windows Media Player

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    Hi everyone,

    I download one album, and I can't listen on WMP, just with VLC player :\ When I try to play on WMP, he get the error C00D1199.

    My question is, if is possible, download the VCL codecs and play with WMP.


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    What file type are the files? Maybe you just need to convert them to mp3.

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    ya ur best bet is to rip it to MP3.

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    The answer to your question is yes, download KLITE MEGA KODEC PACK. after instal of that and restarting the computer, all files should play in WMP. The easiest way is rip it in .MP3 if you have the CD. If not, winamp will convert the files to .WAV files that WMP will play. Then just burn and rerip in .MP3


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