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    I had an account at Black Cats Games several years ago but lost it due to inactivity after going on back to back deployments in Iraq. Since coming back I've been getting most of my games from usenet which is great, but I have problems finding older games and I kind of miss the community vibe. Also I find comments on torrents usefull.

    Since getting back the only private trackers I have been active on are Pr0n trackers but I have a good ratio on them. Here are sceen shots as well as a speed test.

    My post count is low, mostly because I admit I only joined this forum originally to see if I could get an BCG invite . I have enjoyed posting here since then however and will most likely continue to do so.

    Anyway thank you for your consideration. If you have any questions or concerns please do let me know.
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    man, i'm feeling sympathy for you.
    tell me a bit more about the tour(s) in iraq and maybe you'll find yourself quicker than you expected at BCG (if stoi doesn't ban me for inviting you in public).

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    Talking to Cabalo via PM. It looks like he might help me out.

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    How did it go?


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