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Thread: Compress And Play Video

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    ive been through every post forum and i cant find what im looking for
    i have a movie (T3) that i converted to mpeg (vcdgear awsome) and joined (mpeg joiner awsome) to 1 mpg. is it possible to compress it to fit on a 700 mg. cd-r and if so which prog. would you use? ifyou canmanage to compress an would it be read by dvd player? still as an mpg or .rar? the file is now about 1.6 gig. afterjoining and before 800 mg each(2) thanx for the help

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    NO is the simple answer doesn't matter about the .mpeg its all about the time of the movie, if its the same as I have (101 min 45.505 sec 265 Mb) or any size in Mb's you can only get 79 mins max on a Cd in Vcd or about 59 mins in Svcd.

    You can put the 2x800's on 2 Cds mind only way, there is many sites included this one which expalin how.


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