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Thread: How Do You Download With A Hash?

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    sorry im new to kazaa and dont know much except how to download. when you have a hash like for a verified, can you search for it and then the right file will come up? i dont know, i just have hashse for different songs, games etc that i want and i dont know how to use them.

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    open up Sig2Dat (I don't know the site to get it from, just do a Google Search), then copy the hash you see. For example:

    Length:3936481 Bytes,3844KB

    Copy that entire thing. Start up Sig2Dat. Press paste From Clipboard. It will then make a .dat file in your downloads folder. Start up kazaa and the file will be in your transfers! It might take some time to find sources for some files, be patient.

    EDIT: the .dat file will look like this:

    It doesnt look like yhe ones do when you download a file from kazaa. ( they look like this:

    It won't matter, ignore the filename.

    Here is the link for that if you want to read about posting ect ect

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    woh this is in musicworld theres a pinned thread also that will explain more crap about it

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    yeah...haha i was gonna just post the link to the thread but it would have taken him forever to find what hes looking for.

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    Just dont worry.. Keep using for a few more days n u'll understand everything...

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