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Thread: The Movie Snatch, Partially Corrupted?

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    i just finished downloading the movie snatch. now, i was told that it the most perfect version that you'll find [length 709084 kb]. however, when i started watching it, the movie seems corupted from 3 minutes to 9 minutes, kinda like a sctrached cd would play. if anyone else has this movie, please tell me whether it's only me or the download is like that.


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    mine is crazy at the start 2 but not for 9 mins, just when the Jewish robnbers, r stealing the jewl, that's where it's crazy on mine.. but i just skipped past that part and it was perfect..

    i hear Virtual Dib is gr8 4 fixing crazy frames

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    thaks dude...yep, that's when it goes crazy...the jewish robber parts....i guess the movie IS like that...


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