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Thread: Kazaalite Codec Pack

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    i dunno if this should be here but here goes...

    ive just d\l the kazaalite 2.04full codec pack
    *edit* on the download page it says its 2.05 full

    1. when i install the codec pack it lets me choose between 2 mpeg2 decoders
    ligos mpeg2 decoder
    elecard mpeg2 decoder
    i have only heard of the elecard one but im not sure which one is the best to use
    so any ideas?

    2. there is also something called DivX anti-freeze on the install screen and im wondering what that is

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    1. they are both prob about the same
    2. Some DivX movies Freeze for some reason (encoder's error).. guess it trys to bypass that. Seems they only freeze in the program DivX.. i never had problems in ZoomPlayer


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