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Thread: Giveaway___________1

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    Hi all member on fst this my frist giveaway
    i hope to make allot of friends her and help allot of memmber:d
    1x dark side
    1x bcg
    1x tl
    2x goem
    1x czone
    3x indietorrents
    1x suppertorrents
    2 ratio proofs and speed test
    good luck for all:d

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    i will apply for dark side

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    Nice give away, keep up

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    Can i get BCG please?
    I don't have such a high speed, so, i'm using a seedbox, here a proof:

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    Looking for BCG

    Ratio Proof:

    I don't have a speed test because i use seed boxes here is proof:
    The second seedbox is currently down it went down last night i hope to get it restored tonight i emailed the company.

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