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Thread: Movie Goer Searched For Camming Kit, Threatened Over Candy

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    Movie Goer Searched For Camming Kit, Threatened Over Candy
    March 17, 2009

    "Is it any wonder that the movie and music industries are earning themselves more and more enemies and losing loyal customers every day? Not content with sueing the life out of anyone they feel is a threat to their business, they also have almost unparalleled skill in alienating paying customers too. According to a report, a woman from the north of England went to the cinema along with her sister to watch the Ben Affleck and Jennifer Anniston movie “He’s Just Not That Into You”.

    Upon arriving at Cineworld in Stockport, Greater Manchester, ‘Sue’ and her sister were subjected to a search of their belongings by staff
    who were looking for ‘camming’ equipment. However, although they failed to find any such hardware, the staff did come across something of serious concern - a bag of milk chocolate Revels.

    “I had a packet of Revels and this is where the whole situation started,” Sue told BBC Radio Manchester. Going on, she explained that staff ordered her to hand over the chocolates and said she could collect them after the show, but “out of principle” she refused. And quite rightly so - who do these people think they are?

    Followed by the duty manager and two security guards, Sue was told to leave the premises, despite being a paying customer. When she
    refused the manager said, “Well, I’m going to have to call the police - is that what you want me to do?” Sue replied “Yes, please do. That’s a good idea.”

    The manager failed to reappear with the police but won’t have any trouble with Sue in future as she says she will not return to the cinema.

    For their part, cinema staff said that selling food and drinks to customers is a part of the profit-making in the business, hence the action against Sue and her sister. Clearly ‘discretion’ and ‘customer service’ are alien concepts to these people.

    TorrentFreak has been unsuccessful in finding any torrent sites that treat their users like this, but we’ll keep looking."

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    That's right, I charge $14 for a movie ticket but if you don't buy my $2 candy the business will go bust. This is why I haven't been to a movie house in over 15 years. At least when they still had a few outdoor cinemas around, you could make your own popcorn and make out with your date if the picture sucked.

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    Ridiculous. This is why I stay home and watch movies. I don't have to deal with stupid people, annoying kids, or the sticky floors. I have decent set up and surround sound, just pump the volume up a bit and it's just like the movies, if not better.

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    Let's me think when the last time I go to a cinema. Oh yes Jurrasic Park 2!!! Sound Jurrasic enough.

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    The theaters don't make s*** off the tickets, since the f***ing studios take all that revenue. The only way for them to make any money is to sell refreshments.
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    My wife and I went to the movies about 9 months ago. We bought 1 32oz soda, 1 large popcorn, and 1 bag of candy say 3oz worth. It cost 15 bucks. I can go to McD's and buy two meals for that price and the pop isnt nearly as watered down

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    Movie theaters are a dying breed, it won't be long before you purchase a newly released movie directly from dvd and skip the theater all together. They might keep a few around for diehard full screen fans and kids movies, but basically they can't make any money as it is. Even with the multiplex cinemas where they could show six movies in six smaller venues, I can't see anyone going for very long. As kids have sex earlier and earlier, there's no need to bribe a girl with a movie and dinner when all she wants is candy.
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