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Thread: How To Re-download A Currupt File

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    I know i have heard of a program but now i need it

    anyone know where i can find it and how do it use it
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    Depends on wat u r talking about...

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    games i download off kazaa
    I have Mordens Audio Hack PLEZ stop emailing me

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    If its a iso or bin file, then try CDMage. Woun`t download the broken file, but fixes the problem for me sometimes. If not, I`am sure I`v heard of something called kazaa-fixer or something like that. Maybe someone else remembers what`s it called?

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    Try cd mage first, if it doesn't help then you've got a few choices, DrSpud's Corruption fixer here will allow you to specify the parts of the file you want to redownload, as will gsharad007's version of the same idea (site seems to be down at the moment.) Or if you have no idea where the corruption is in the downloaded file and it was a verified (ie there is at least one person you know with the working file) then you can try the program(s) in my sig, you'd need to ask someone with the file to rehash the file with the KSigMod I developed though


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