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Thread: Limewire File Sharing Question?

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    I do NOT want my files to be shared with other people, because I heard that other users from limewire can download files from your computer if you set your main limewire share folder to my documents, and that's dangerous. I do not know how to change my limewire sharing folder to another folder, like an empty folder I made, so no one can steal my private information. How do you do that? that is my first question

    Second Question: I use a wireless internet, I use netgear with 54 mbps signal and i have some wireless internet receiver on my computer to connect to the internet wirelessly, and my friend said that other users cannot download files from my computer if i have a wireless internet, and that i must have my internet connected directly to the internet if other users on limewire would want to download my files...

    so if i have a wireless internet will other limewire users still be able to download files from my computer?
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    It's not the wireless connection but the router usually attached to it.
    If you are behind a router, this makes it more difficult to establish a connection, but it's not impossible.

    I do not know which version of LimeWire you use, but with 4.18.8 that I have, they only share an empty folder by default.
    Which folder is shared by default? In My Documents, go to LimeWire and there the folder "Shared".

    So you do not share your personal information, unless you manually set it up like that.


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