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Thread: Resident Evil

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    I saw a quick "advertisement" for this flick last night before Underworld.

    "ReGenerate, by the Umbrella Corporation, reanimates dead cells! Just another innovation by Umbrella Corporation"

    When you saw that little makeup container, did you immediately thing Resident Evil? I did

    Hopefully this one is Rated R, they could add some more violence and gore!


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    umm the other one was rated R also... i think it was mainly because of that little laser "incedent"

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    I guess that a CGI Nemesis will make an appearance in Resident Evil 2. That should be pretty cool, and of course Milla Jovovich is always nice to look at.

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    umm the other one was rated R also... i think it was mainly because of that little laser "incedent"
    Yep, you're right, my bad. I could have sworn there were a bunch of 13 year old kids in the theater when I saw it!

    Oh well, YAY!

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    So, they are really making a sequal ... damn I can't wait to see it! The first one was pretty good.

    Hey AlucardXXVII how was Underworld? Did you like it?

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    I liked it, but I expected a lot more. I was really looking forward to seeing it, and it was worth it and everything, but in my opinion it needed more special effects.

    Yeah who cares about plot when you can have great visuals?!

    There are a lot of mixed opinions on this movie. I was entertained but I wasn't blown away.

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    resident evil was good but could have been better. hopefully the sequel will be better

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    yeah I hope so too... the first was good, but could have been better? Anyone find this "advertisement" anywhere yet?

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    what do I put here? BT Rep: +10BT Rep +10
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    Is that hot chick in it again

    I always knew three would be a 2nd one

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    I liked the first Resident Evil, but I've never played any of the video games. It seems like fans of the game series thought the movie was crap.

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