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Thread: BitShock

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    What's up with this tracker has better pre at some movies even then SCC beats most of the trackers out here ? nice

    And it's closed no invites/free signup
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    It appears to be just another 0day/general tracker, and fast pre's don't impress me, so I never bothered with it. But I have seen it posted periodically in the open signups thread periodically, so keep checking if you want in.

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    Hmm I know a friend who staffs there, but aside from that all I know is it's got a cool front page lol

    edit: maybe I'm thinking of something else. I thought his one ended in .info but that domain doesn't even exist.
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    Great romanian tracker; 30000 users, IRC and good pre now...

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    They have a great design but they will get a new one soon if you want to join keep trying the open signup maybe they will open also lots of seeders and some great packs !

    Good Lukc


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