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Thread: The DVD Club/RevTT/TL/TTi

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    I'm about ready to drive myself nuts trying to find a way into a private tracker that has something I'm looking for. Unfortunately, all I'm "in the market" for are untouched DVD5's or DVD9's, and I hear these are THE places to go for those. It's been a struggle for me, not having any way to provide ratio proofs or anything like that without ever having one of these accounts. Simply put, I have no interest to D/L music or avi's or single TV shows, which I know I could get at other places. I understand that this puts me at a distinct disadvantage. Any guidance/assistance would be immensely appreciated. I just really don't know what else I can do at this point!

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    giving a speedtest and ratio screen/proof would help your request. regards.
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    I'll invite you to BitHQ, which focuses on DVDs and is a lot more active than TDC, if you just pm me your email.


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