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Thread: Rapidshare TERMINATING accounts?

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    I just got this mail and found that my account (Premier) valid till Jan 2010 has been immediately terminated. What the heck?

    Dear Premium account holder,

    Your account has been suspended due to violations of our Terms of Use (
    RapidShare TOS States:

    *No files with illegal contents, for example pornography, child pornography, racist material and/or unauthorized copies of copyrighted material. This statement of categories is not the completed list.

    *We will not tolerate any abuse of our servers for copyright violations and reserve the right to delete any file that has been uploaded and/or distributed in violation of German or international copyrights. Copyright protected content may especially not be distributed to third parties (for example by publishing links to copyright protected files on other websites).

    *We will therefore delete any copyright protected file that we find on Internet Forums, warez-sites, etc. and suspend the corresponding account.

    *We allow neither uploading nor downloading any illegal content to/from our servers, and reserve the right at anytime to suspend any account found doing so.

    It has come to our attention that you have violated the TOS by illegally downloading copyrighted content and therefore your account has been terminated. The terminated account will appear on RapidShare servers for 2-3 days but you will not be granted access to it.

    The login data for the terminated account is:

    Login: xxxx
    Login Alias: xxxx
    Password: xxx

    *Please do not respond to this message as it is an automated service.

    Best regards,
    RapidShare AG - Support-Team

    RapidShare AG
    Gewerbestrasse 6
    6330 Cham

    I can't believe this. Rapidshare growing a conscience? ANY idea what to do, how to go forth?

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    glad i dont use rapid anymore xD but really that sucks but rapid will go down and another one will rise xD that is how it happened how it will be hopefully

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    You sir have been phised or how ever you spell it. I got the same email. I sent Rapidshare my paypal id for my account and got it back within 24 hours.

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    lolz. Ok. And I thought I was a smart one. Ha.

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    Rapidshare sucks, ignore it and move on.
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    Aye - just keep it around for the hard to find files on Usenet. Oh well. Gotta wage a war to get this back.

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    It has come to our attention that you have violated the TOS by illegally downloading copyrighted content and therefore your account has been terminated.
    so they were monitoring you?

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    Yeah, looks like you've been phished. RS doesn't disable accounts for uploading/downloading copyright material. That's what most use their service for. I've seen many others get the exact same message that you got.

    Certainly do not follow the ignorance(or is it stupidity, haven't decided which one it is yet) of "ignore it and move on". Contact RS and you'll get your account back.

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    RapidShare will not control Uploads
    October 26, 2008
    160 million files have already been uploaded to RapidShare. A number that proves, that the world depends on moving important data from A to B. A number that also proves, that RapidShare with its fast and easy services also addresses users that are no computer nerds.

    RapidShare is the first technology worldwide that made sending big files so easy, so fast and so secure. The files can be stored as long as needed and can be recalled from anywhere in the world, they are strictly confidential and can only be accessed by the user that originally loaded them up, or alternatively can be distributed among thousands of people quickly and easily. With a couple of billion page impressions per day we know, that we as a leader will have to pave the way for this new technology. We are aware of the fact that we therefore have big responsibility. If, for example, it had been regulated by law to control all copies before the first photo copier was invented, it is very likely that these machines would have never hit the market. That's why we are doing everything to enable this new technology - which is still very young, but already inspires millions of people every day - to be part of our future and make life more comfortable.

    The security of personal data is very important to us, especially in these times. That's the reason why we will not spy out the files that our clients faithfully upload onto RapidShare, not now nor in future. We are against upload control and guarantee you that your files are safe with us and will not be opened by anyone else than yourself, unless you distribute the download link. RapidShare, of course, is against the distribution of illegal files and as soon as we are informed about illegal distribution, we delete these files and put them on a filter. But the general control of uploads is out of the question for us, because we think that especially in these times data privacy comes first.


    Make sure u use that LOCK when u recover ur account and change ur pass regulary at least 1 time per semester
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    Rapidshare is fucking shit now.
    Ever since they went from 10gb to 2.5gb I stopped using it.

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