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Thread: Fading An Image

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    How Would I Fade One Image Into Another?

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    I don't how u do this in photo shop,

    but the way i do it in Firworks is colour fill 1 image then Lasso the edges of the image, then colour fill the 2nd image, then merge them together, creating the fading effect..

    I know that probably does not help...

    but i just thought i wud share it anyway

    sorry Dapa

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    no worries il have a go with fireworks

    EDIT - actually no i wont - forgot that i still aint installed fireworks since wen i remastered il download it again later

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    theres a couple of ways Dapadipz - you could try dragging one of the images onto another, giving you another layer.

    now that you have the two layers - increase the 'canvas size' in the 'edit' menu to whatever size you need. then when your working with one of the layers, use the 'magic wand' tool to select all of the transparent part around the image (or just make a selection with one of the marquee tools).

    when you've got your selection, goto the 'select' menu, and 'feather' the edge of the selection. you'll get a scale that comes up in 'amount of pixels' - the bigger the amount, the bigger the fade effect on the edgde will be.

    this can be a bit fiddly, there are some other ways using transparency etc so if your struggling just post back and i'll edit this one with some screenshots.

    edit - forgot to mention when you have your selection and you've 'feathered' it, press backspace to fade the edges.

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    Thanks pol!

    I'll TRY And Have A Go

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    Nice tip POL

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    Anyway Im Making SLOW Progress

    Ive Got 2 Sample Images and I Dont Know If Im Doing The "Magic Wand" Bit Right?
    I Want The Left Side Image (BLUE) to Fade into the image on the right (Green One)

    Ive Used The Wand To Erase Some Of The Blue Image - Is This Totally Wrong

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    gimme 20 mins (maybe 30, its sat night here ) and i'll post some screens

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    LOL Thanks pol - i owe u one

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    ok Dapadipz, what you want to do will be best done using the 'rectangular marquee' selection, not the wand. get both your images sie-by-side like this, and make a box selection between the two

    when you get your selection, click the 'select menu', then 'feather' - you'll see this

    select a feather amount, the bigger the more 'fade' - this is 20 but it didnt finish the best, try a bit higher until you get it the way you want

    then make sure your working on one of the layers you want to fade, and hit 'backspace'

    change 'layers' and hit backspace again

    then lose the marquee selection

    because this way you've ended up with a with background, the faded pics wont look that good next to each other, so create a new layer, and make a blank selection with the marquee, big enough to cover what you want to join

    then set your foreground and background colours to match each image using the 'colour dropper' tool

    then, on your new layer, within the selection, use the 'gradient tool' to get a balance between the two colours like this

    then move your new layer up and behind your two faded layers, and adjust the 'layer transparency' (on the top of the layers palette) till it looks right.

    this ones a bit rough, but to get it exact all you have to do is play around with the layer transparencies, and the feather on your first selections. it wont take you long till you get it spot-on - you can even make 'duplicate layers' of your first ones so that you can fade-delete certain parts of them to make it look better

    lemme know if you get stuck

    too many pics on this msg

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