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Thread: the perfect 100MBps seedbox?

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    For those choosing to buy a dedicated server what are the ideal specs to get max downl /upld speed a 100Mbps connection can offer
    Wich servers to look for
    what hardware to look for
    how many ppl can share the box

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    Perfect = LEASEWEB,

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    for you,

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    for 49 euro -
    320 Gb HDD
    AMD 4400+
    2GB RAM
    2 IPS

    I have seen speeds like 8mb/s on a shared lu box , on a dedicated it will be much higher

    ideally share it with 2 people for best price / performance ratio
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    Quote Originally Posted by seedhost-net View Post
    Perfect = LEASEWEB,
    i would be interested in taking leaseweb if you do happen to offer their services.

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    Quote Originally Posted by manu1991 View Post
    I'd be careful with Their terms of services (which talk about traffic, not other things) say clearly that their servers are not priced for things such as torrents and that if you wanted to run torrents you should contact them for a quote.

    I did for Xirvik but didn't even get a reply.

    For now we're paying more than double for our servers to the different providers - as we can't afford to have our servers shut down because of traffic usage... time will tell if we are wasting money or not.

    Anyway for a personal seedbox you run for yourself I guess is fine... if they kick you out you can always go a different provider.

    As for leaseweb, they have good speeds, but so do others at much more reasonable prices. We've been with them for two years (before Xirvik as a company existed) and we never have any major complaint - except for a week where they had power issues and the servers would reboot. This of course was fixed and there are no longer issues.


    Quote Originally Posted by rhemux View Post
    how many ppl can share the box
    This (and the other questions) depends on the people. Running a seedbox for friends, which people are expected to behave (i.e. don't abuse the server by starting 100 torrents simultaneously and things like that) is totally different from running a seedbox for paying customers.

    Also, when you have a friends seedbox (we sell them as group seedboxes but now that I think of it we should rename the product :-) ) you can share contents (i.e. everyone sees the others downloads) which is nice on the server.

    Another things that makes a difference is if people stay long term or not. People who plan to share the seedbox long term don't worry about ratio anywhere (as the seedbox will take care of it) and take it easy, while people who only plan to stay for a week, or a month, want to save ratio everywhere...

    So let us know want kind of users your seedbox will have :-)

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    so which servers do you run now? leaseweb or ovh?

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    The best server ofcourse is buying your own machine, rent rackspace and bandwidth and have no other company to worry about. Yet, that is an expensive option in several countries, so you're pretty much down to renting a machine from another company.

    Although LeaseWeb is pretty much top of the foodchain, you have to remember that over the last year or so, about 30 to 40 machines were shut down because of copyright-infringement by the local watchdog. That being said; the court-orders were shady, at least, because there is no real guideline for torrenting or running a tracker, yet the magistrates have always bought the excuses from the watchdog.

    SoftLayer is/was a very decent provider as well although their prices are quite tru the roof. Haven't had the pleasure of dealing with them but since all their servers are on USA soil, you might think twice about consequences in case your server gets raided by the feds or RIAA and such.

    As Xirvik said; has certain small print about torrenting yet my personal experience is that their server-graphs are very much in the advantage of the customer and sometimes easily 50% off (you transferred 10TB but it only registrered 5.3TB or so). That being said, multiple staff-members (on private trackers I'm with) have gotten several DS4000's and DS9000's at and have never had any trouble with them (apart from the occasional slow support-tickets).

    I also know there are several companies running offshore-accounts where the server is usually based in a zone where legislation if basically non-existent. No naming companies, there contracts seems quite nice but I have my doubts what happens after your paid and you run into trouble with your hardware of software.

    That all being said; judging by your recent posts, isn't it a good idea to make up your mind what you want? You're running small shared packages at the moment yet looking at "perfect servers" that might cost anywhere from $60 to $300 a month.

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    Ovh all the way. Best performance for the value out there. Unless you are a buffer slut or download torrents off of TPB it's a great provider for most people.
    See ya in another life, brother.

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