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Thread: Imesh trial reset?

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    guys im having a hard time figuring out how to get imesh trial to start again. I tried installing on another windows on same computer and it still thinks the trial is over.
    this is latest imesh 8.1

    im just curious if anyone knows what the program uses to figure out u already used the trial period.
    is it your IP?
    hardware fingerprint?
    combination of the 2 or something else im missing?
    cant be windows as it was a fresh os.

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    I heard some mechanisms even go to some sector on HDD to store information there, so it's not in the filesystem or registry...

    But I guess if you really want to know more about this, a hacking board or so would be a good place for it.

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    ok fair enough. thanks for your help. p.s. i installed on laptop and i have another 14 day trial so its probably a hardware fingerprint type of identity.

    anyway to change your hardware id? i heard through the bios?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sonnentier View Post
    a hacking board or so would be a good place for it.
    any good boards you know of?


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