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Thread: some questions about filesharing in other countries

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    hello. in my country there is a new law against filesharing. the goverment
    think file sharing is bad and so on...

    the new law is called IPRED and it is that music and film companies,
    including broad band companies can check your ip and send a
    bill for 5000-30 000 euros just for you'v downloaded a record or a movie.

    now i wonder if the goverment in your country even care
    about file sharing, and i specially wonder if the goverment and the people in
    the former East States think about that. (it's feels like Sweden is going to be
    the new Soviet. And yeah, we are not used to that)

    sorry for my bad english and i want some serious answers, please
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    IMO i wouldnt worry to much about this keep the downloads from private trackers im sure you will be fine.

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    My gov does whatever the guys with money tells them, so yea, they are against filesharing.
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    mmm, i dont understand how the fact that if the law in my/his country does or dsnt allow filesharing can helps u? as for me, im leaving in the land where u also can do everything u want, if uve money. money is a power, its a bad side of a big city life. so my gov dsnt care abt filesharing, and what now?

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    alcoholik's Avatar Drinker BT Rep: +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23BT Rep +23
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    i'm just curious to know what other countrys think about file sharing. nothing else.

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    In Canada here and I must say I don't have a clue what is the situation regarding filesharing here. I thought it was just as bad as being in the USA but then I realize is hosted in Canada so that must remains a safe land.

    I stopped worrying about that a long time ago, if I ever receive anything from my ISP, I'll be more careful, but in the mean time.

    Private trackers are safe enough for me, I haven't use any public trackers for a couple of years now.

    My only rules is don't upload stuff that is not yet released in store, glad others take this risk, but I won't, ever
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    I live in germany and right now they make new laws to regulate proceedings on this issue.

    They plan something called a "claim for disclosure" which plaintiffs can make use of.
    It will cost them some money and there should be a lower limit as to when they
    may get information. It's privacy against copyright infringement that they try to balance.

    Here, no major provider has ever sent out warnings about filesharing.
    Either nothing happens, or you get contacted by some lawyer (cease & desist).

    As of now, the government is clearly against a three-strikes rule to be imposed. Thus, the
    IFPI announced they will again file a lot of complaints and will try the new "claim of disclosure".


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