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Thread: Questions about rapidshare/megaupload

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    I got a warning last year from my ISP before about downloading copyrighted material. After that I went to usenet.

    I don't really download enough to justify 20 bucks a month, so I have a few questions.

    1) how is rapidshare/megaupload for finding mp3s?

    2) how quickly do television shows get posted to rapidshare/megaupload. What about 720p episodes?

    3) do they record what you download and do they send notices to your ISP? I'd literally have to move to get a new isp if I got reported again.

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    1) have a look, a lot of music is scattered among blogs and different forums

    2) there shouldn't be much delay, but have no experience on this

    3) they do not record what you download, and they do not send out information

    Have a look at, it's a tracker-style system using RapidShare.
    You can try before you buy, there's free access on these filehosting sites.
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    RS forums are excellent for finding music. These warez forums have become one of my main sources for music. As for tv shows, they don't get upped as quickly as they do on usenet or fast bittorrent trackers, but they get upped quick enough. For me at least. But then again I'm not the type that has to have a show a sec or two after pre.

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    Like Funkin' said, Warez forums can be great for finding music, almost as good as and waffles if not better. One great example is which has a huge amount of Asian music that practically can't be found anywhere else on the net and all of it is hosted on MegaUpload. TV shows generally show up quickly and now that sites like and sceneddl exist, they show up with reasonable pretimes too. I have noticed that the 720p shows generally are harder to find than xvid though. Also, I've never heard of anyone getting busted for downloading from filehosts so you're safe. The only "downside" is the cost but you get the peace of mind and a lot of mixed content, like Usenet but it's a bit cheaper.


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