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Thread: The Difference In Cd Blanks Companies

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    hi, i'm curious, when it comes to blank cds, how do the qualities or lifespans differ from each company or brand or color? i just went to office max today cuz i heard there was a sale on a pack of imation cds for 9 bucks. when i opened it and looked at the "burned" side, it was just plainly clear color, which seemed odd becuase in the other brands that i have bought in the past (eg, memorex, gq, tdk) they all seemed to vary in color, light blue, dark blue, black , green, gold...etc... so i'm wondering, DOES IT REALLY MATTER!?!? i hear that certain colors can't be read by cd players and stuff and i noticed with the gq's that nomatter how slow i burn with them, i get all this static noises from my music for some reason. also, as far as the prices, sometimes it seems that it's too good to be true for some of the prices while others are far too expensive...what's your feedback on this? anyone using imation cds right now?

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    The color of a cd r doesnt make a difference. Its a stylish preference taken up by most cd makers. For instance, I like the ones that are all black even on the media side surface of the cd.

    I dont know how many you got for 9 bucks. But at the office max where I live you can get a 50 pack of cd-r's for 5 dollars. The price is 10 but you get an instant 5 dollar rebate when they ring it up, thus, 5 bucks.

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    AFAIK, the colour won't matter - the film is just there to reflect the laser to distinguish the 0s and 1s anyway, last time I heard.

    Some colours, however, are deeply associated with certain uses of CDs (e.g. PS2 DVDs are known to have mainly blue-purple colours on them), but I think that's more a consistancy thing rather than technical.

    Shame I can't help you with the Imation CDs though - I use Verbatim and Datawrite

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    i'm using white-topped discplanet cd-r's just now
    had no coasters out of 70 or so, and i always burn at 52x...

    as has been said, the colour shouldn't make a difference...
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    been using these emtec for a few months now for data, no duffers in over 250, come in drums of 50

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    I&#39;m using Pine, they suck&#33;

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    I always use Memorex. Plain white for music, silver for data/software.
    No particular reason, but I get em pretty cheap, and once I find something that works I just stick with it....and I
    like all my CDs to look the same.

    Just recently, however, I got a mp3/CD player for my car, and I burned my mp3 discs for the car on Verbatim
    Vinyl CD-Rs&#33; They look just like little records, they&#39;re so cute&#33;

    only bad part...almost no room to write on them.

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    all of them r same to me

    proud to be american

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    ive been told by nero and dvd x copy that verbatim is one of the good ones

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    I use memorex cdr&#39;s 2 30 packs. 52x multispeed. Really good cd&#39;s.

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