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Thread: I should really know this but i don't!!

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    Hey guys,

    i really should know this by now after a few years in the torrents scene, but really i don't!! So you can fall over laughing if you wish but here goes!

    What is a seedbox?
    Do i need a seedbox?
    Why should i get a seedbox?
    Which seedbox do i need?

    I would have answered these questions using search but for some reason the search just freezes on me right now!!

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    no worries m8, and seeing your connection, your download really outnumbers your upload so think about a seedbox IF you can and are willing to pay for it (I am not).

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    thanks for that link man!! Now i see how these guys seed the shit out of torrents!! So reallisticly if my goal was to just fix my ratios i'd only really need to use a seedbox once in a while correct? Are there any sort of like shared programs where maybe 2 or 3 people all chip in to pay for a seedbox and make use of it? If there is can you name a few and how they work?

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    Why share? There are several companies listed on that offer small packages for just a week or a month for maybe 5 to 10 bucks.

    Personally, I have 2 dedicated servers running to keep up on the private tracker I'm on. This way I can maintain a good ratio every single day of the year and enough online storage & speed to serve the peeps leeching there. I think the total bandwidth on that tracker (just 8000 members) coming from staff-seedboxes is around 2Gbit or 256MB/s. You can imagine you won't be able to keep a nice ratio if you're uploading on your Virgin-account with about 80KB/s.
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