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Thread: Homeworld 2 Problems

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    I'm not entirely sure that this should be posted here but here goes.
    I am trying to download the brand new Homeworld 2 game. But all the ~ 600mb files that I'm trying to download just say "connecting" in the traffic menu. I have waited for hours but it says the same for every single file.

    If someone Can please help me I would really appreciate it.

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    Yeah, from what I've seen theres supposedly at least 1000 users with homeworld 2 online. Thats BS. Every one of these "users" sport bandwith between 1000 and 2000. When you connect all you get are 2 connections of 0.00 kb/s. That tells me one thing, Sierra must be putting forth some serious counter measures to prevent it's game from being shared.

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    It isn't possible to prevent games from being shared...

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    Yes, but it is possible to spam the network with useless users to make downloading their game a frustrating ordeal.

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    when are ya gonna learn that kazaa is shit for new games etc...
    use bit-torrent or something similar..u dont hear BT users moaning that theyve got false files or no seeds etc


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