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Thread: FREE iolo System Shield 3 Internet Security License Key

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    1. Go to this page and click on the Continue button. Make sure you’ve disabled NoScript or Kaspersky or else you can’t see the continue button.

    2. You should see that the unit price $49.95 has been reduced to $0.00. Click Secure Checkout.

    3. Fill up the required fields marked with an asterisk ( * ) in the form and click Review Order. Make sure you enter a valid email address because the license number will be sent there.

    4. Click Submit Order.

    5. When the page refreshes and tells you “Thank you! Your order #2821757XXXXX is complete.”, check the email that you’ve entered in step 3.

    6. Open the email from iolo technologies, LLC ( with the subject “Thank you for ordering from iolo technologies, #28283XXXXX” and note down the User ID and Serial Number.

    7. Download the latest version of iolo System Shield 3 Internet Security and install.

    8. Select “I own System Shield 3 and can enter my serial number later” option and continue with the installation. You will get to a part to enter your licensing information. Copy and paste the information to the box and click OK. It will take a few seconds to verify and you now have a fully licensed iolo System Shield 3 Internet Security!

    After installing, both the personal firewall, antivirus and system shield will check for updates and you’ll have to install the latest patch. The annoying part is the updates doesn’t integrate nicely and you’ll have to install either AV, Firewall, or System Shield update, restart and then continue installing another one. iolo System Shield 3 runs on Windows Vista, XP, 2000 32-bit with 256 MB of RAM. It takes up approximately 120MB during idle. Although it did say that Vista is supported, there are a few reports that the user is getting Windows Host Process (RUNDLL32) has stopped working error. Not sure what is the cause but make sure you install the latest update for Antivirus, Firewall and System Shield.

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    Thank you but all i got was "Your order has been scheduled for review by an iolo representative who will be contacting you via email shortly." and nothing else for 2 hours and no email of course...


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