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Thread: Battlefield 1942 Lag?

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    I have a major problem with my BF 1942 game. See the prob is that when I'm in a vehicle and it uses a turret of some kind, like the tank, the turret moves aruond extremely slow. A probably will have to slide my mouse frantically across my desk 20 times just to get it to rotate 90 degrees. I know that it isn't the game because I have installed the same game on Two Different computers, and the turret movement is great, no problems at all. But it's just slow with the turrets or anything you have to move in a vehicle, it works fine while using people. I was just wonderin If anyone has had the same problem. Or if you can just help.


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    this was exactly the same for me...i think it's the game to blame

    suppose you could turn up the mouse sensitivity...
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    i used to play battlefield 1942, had the same problem. i never did find a solution , i&#39;ll google it up and see what i can find. if i find anything, i&#39;ll post back here.

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