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Thread: Son of a b! EWQL Choir

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    I am still getting used to usenet, and I think that my inexperience really shined through. I downloaded an NZB (from Newzleech): hupsakee_post_ ***************.part111.rar

    It is a huge download of 28+ gigs. It is supposed to have 416 rars. Only 111 through 416 are included. It is incomplete. How can I track down the rest of the posts?

    Do I have to browse the group? Download all the headers? Sounds tedious and scary! Can I open the .nzb and get an idea of where the rest of the posts should be?

    All help is appreciated.


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    My first thought is to question who/what created the nzb. Sometimes folks miss some files when creating an nzb.

    I would try another nzb indexing service first. i.e. nzbmatrix, binsearch, bintube, and get/create an nzb from those sites for the post.

    Try it and see if it makes a difference.

    Don't know how old the post is, what the post is, what nntp client you're using, what newsgroup or what server you're using to d/l. Outside of that, I think I have everything else I need to help.

    Hope my idea helps


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    @OldIronTits: Try Binsearch

    Sometimes incompletes on Newzleech show up as complete on Binsearch and vice-versa.

    Aside from Binsearch and Newzleech, I use other nzb search sites to verify if a release is really incomplete.
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    CoolDude, Thank you. -------------- hugo, Sublime sarcasm! I was not sure how the admins would look upon direct links and help with specific files. Guess it never hurts to be a bellend and not read exactly what specifically is being asked. I should have checked with first. They had the complete set of posts. Newzleech was missing a ton. Thank you for the consideration. bigjim from Nzbsrus helped first. Case closed.


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