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Thread: [HAAALP!] transfer seeds to seedbox in utorrent webui??

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    firstly, i want to apologize for my first post on this board being a new thread, asking for help.

    that said-

    i just got a seedbox through and so far they are awesome. customer service is always snappy with responses and our box is maxing out leechers' connections and seeing download rates of 13MB/s

    only problem is; i cannot, for life of me, figure out how to transfer all of my current seeds to the seedbox. i tried the only way i know how, which is by moving all the files to the seedbox, then opening the .torrent files in webui and tell it to save in the directory where the files already exist. usually, when i do this in normal utorrent, it checks to make sure all the files are present. if they are, it immediately begins seeding the torrent again. but when i do this in webui, instead of seeding, it attempts to download the album again.

    am i missing something?

    are any of you currently using santrex and/or utorrent webUI?

    this is driving me crazy, as i got the box to up my ratio on a certain tracker, but am unable to move my seeds to the goddamn thing.

    haaaaaalp please!

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    Moved to the seedbox section, where you'll hopefully get help faster.
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    When it starts downloading the files - if you check your folder do you see the files you are downloading twice? Is there anything different between them?

    Maybe its a permissions issue too? Does the files you transferred over have the correct permissions for Utorrent to access them?
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    did you force recheck them in webui?


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