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Thread: FST staff gives out ip addresses!

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    i wish to warn everyone on filesharingtalk that staff gives out ip addresses to tracker staff...
    today this morning i drank my coffee and turned computer on to find out all my trackers was banned then i go to irc and some staff tell me that i am trader, that is true i am trader but they found out because fst staff reads pm and gives ip addresses to tracker staff... do you fst staff have no morale or loyalty?
    i was a good member in all my trackers for many years and now this.... 11tb seeding for nothing.... fuck this shit
    i create new account because i not want to badmouth my real account here.
    i hope what goes around comes around and u will get shit fst staff.... especially u skizo who read pms.
    Quote Originally Posted by IdolEyes787 View Post
    The OP was banned from sites because he scammed another person who then decided to report him .
    Cabalo didn't post the CN review .The truth end of story and (I'm afraid the jackals will have to find other avenues for their perfidious vitriol)closed
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    Very smart to create a new acc, I must say. If they already know your IP, they sure won't try to connect it to this acc.

    Tbh, someone who's a trader is not a ''good user'' imo.
    I'm back. The downside is that I'm also old now.

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    sux to be u

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    shame really shame, one of the lessons i learnt here is that never seed in exceed... always have a balance otherwise you will feel sorry for your time

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    Quote Originally Posted by BarryWhite View Post
    sux to be u
    ohh barry <3333333

    shame on you skizo why you read pms lmao

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    Post under your main fucking account if you have proof to back up your claims. Making dupe accounts to bitch and moan isn't going to convince anyone.

    I'm fed up with you retard torrenters who make huge claims that are obviously false, and then do not back up your accusations with valid evidence. It makes me sick how some staff are naive enough to listen to you idiots, and they end up banning or blacklisting good people. These (mostly) newer sites with inept staff are contributing to the downward spiral this scene seems to be taking. Wake the fuck up and stop listening to losers who waste themselves away in their virtual drama of spreading shit and rumours to make themselves appear more important.

    For the record, this rant isn't even directed at the OP. Pokerpays: I HAVE NEVER even THOUGHT about selling invites. I've traded a couple times and the last time was well over a year ago. Back up your fucking accusations you prick and get a fucking life. Stop talking shit in your private IRC channels and get your issues straight with me face to face if you have to. What you guys over at CN or wherever else think of me, I don't care the slightest. I'm calling you out on this because it is complete and utter bullshit. Who knows how many other false accusations get by being accepted as truths.


    PS: A rule everyone should but doesn't follow is don't listen blindly and accept accusations as truths unless the person shows you actual proof right in front of your eyes.
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    may be CN staff catch him trading

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    FST staff DON'T give out IP addresses, and CAN'T read PMs.

    How many times do we have to say this, ffs

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    Quote Originally Posted by Barbarossa View Post
    FST staff DON'T give out IP addresses, and CAN'T read PMs.

    How many times do we have to say this, ffs
    Obviously a lot. Maybe you could make a recurrent thread about it as an announcement that pops-up everyday for the people that are less blessed.
    Apparently there's a lot of those floating around here.
    Can you feel the LOVE

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