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Thread: info about a fake release-beware

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    This goes without saying but there are a number of these type of releases that the mpaa uploads way before when a dvd rip would be available

    info about a fake release-beware

    The MPAA have released ice age 3 dvdrip::not even a cam yet, now this torrent is a tracer torrent which means if you connect to download it for as little as probly 10 mins the MPAA will have your ip and details so they will come and bust you so if any see ICE AGE 3 dvdrip on an open site ignore it and dont get it as it is a tracer…

    Edit: This is just for any n00bs that don't know about these, and I see more similar posts now before mine
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    check the earlier posts, i guess you missed it, but this is kinda old

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    they been doing this for years, whats new ?

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    Maybe some people don't know , whats the harm in the post .

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    Quote Originally Posted by peat moss View Post
    Maybe some people don't know , whats the harm in the post .
    Thank You Peat Moss, I know that there are always people just starting out with computers, and not just that there are people just starting out with BT

    There are sometimes dvds that are available in other countries earlier then in the US and also some go stv, but not all of them are stv, that is why when in doubt then check to make sure that it was available somewhere in dvd before downloading a dvd rip

    The consequences of being a n00b and not knowing this is steep

    Another thing to look out for is if a torrent was just added and it shows a massive amount of seeders right away, don't ever download those, those are also fakes that are uploaded to try to get peers busted
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