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Thread: Request Music vids

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    Hmmm this one is probably is hard one but i am going to try it anyway I am searching for invite to music vids reason is that it is really hard to find music videos/concert videos and music vids is probably the best and only one to find them according to many people i promise to be active member there if i will get invite if not thanks for reading. Here are some proofs :

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    from tracker's home page:
    Major Server Problems

    We are experiencing some major server issues at the moment. Logins are not possible so the site is currently down.
    At the moment, it is unlikely the site will be back up for quite a while, if at all

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    hmmm so its not fake they are really down ?

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    It's working for me, though I have no invites now. Good luck!

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    ok thx mate

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    You should post why you deserve to get in.

    And why 0day/general trackers aren't enough for you.

    And show your collection of music videos, and list a few of your favourites.

    Lam comes here once in awhile so good luck.
    Back after going through many ordeals of paying for my internet.

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    0 day general trackers simply don't have enough content thats why i want music video dedicated tracker and thats why i want music vids lol very simple i know but basically thats the reason and i don't have that much videos only some old metallica stuff dvd 9 rips but i can download/seed every kind of music i don't have certain fav hip hop rock any quality artist will suit me so i am a bit universal

    ps by the way thank you very much ls for being so helpful
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    I Have a Lot Of Forums Dedicated For Music and Live Videos High Quality all members of MusicVids are members in these Forums and i can Give iRC of MusicVids if you want...

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    ok give me those links lets see by the way does channel have invite part

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