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Thread: What is the Best Box for under $10

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    I'm looking for a, it seems as I look in other threads, very low budget seed-box... just to try this whole thing out.

    I have only found this host that provides seedboxes under $10:

    BudgetBox ($4) & BudgetBoxExtreme ($8) from

    The absence of any mention of this site in this forum shocked me (Yeah, I used search). Do you recommend it?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jafooli View Post

    I know that have packages under $10 per month, I have been using them for a while, definitely recommend!
    Why is it recommended when the 10GB storage is smaller than TPB(ox).net (40GB) for it's $9 (> $8) Economy option?

    Has anyone had any experience with ThePirateBox? My mouse is hovering over the order button .

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    Just an FYI about ThePirateBox:

    Placing an order (Strategy): The caveat here is that new accounts aren’t processed until the 1st of each month, so if you order a seedbox on March 9th, you’ll have a long time to wait (until April 1st). The good news is that you won’t be charged until you receive your login details (we’ve been told). Additionally, if you don’t want to wait until the next month, for an extra $5 ’setup fee’ you’ll get your account within 48 hours.

    Source: F*leShareFreak
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    seedboxsales offer 3 torrents and 15GB space for $10...


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