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Thread: Marley & Shite - the Ultimate Flop

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    For a movie that is rated at 7.5/10 with 10000+ votes on the imdb this one is a crapper. This movie has garnered ratings that far supersede other movies that deserve much better, and the thing itself is incredibly long, boring, and dull THROUGHOUT.

    The review in question serves as a WARNING. Do NOT waste your time watching this. Here's why:

    The only thing worth watching in this entire picture are the scenes that involve Marley. The dog is quite a funny vandal, wreaking havoc whenever and wherever he can. The scenes involving it's misdemeanors tend to be funny.

    Jennifer Aniston and Owen Wilson are MEDIOCRE ACTORS, AT BEST. The only thing Jennifer ever had to show for herself was her looks and body. Of late, none of that subsists. She's old, her plastic surgery evident, the body isn't what it was, and her repetitive attempts (Julia Roberts being another example of this) to flaunt herself as if she were a young hottie are pitiful, to say the least. Just accept your age already, woman.

    Wilson's act has been seen before. He offers nothing new in this installment, limiting himself to just be the same as he was in his other 20 movies. Don't go in expecting anything eye-popping, if you should risk going in at all. (Though he has pulled through some movies that are quite fantastic before, like The Royal Tenenbaums, without a good screenplay and surrounding actors of much higher quality, Wilson, coupled with Aniston, are just bland).

    At the center of my utter dislike of this movie is the cheesiness. Be warned, ladies and gentlemen, I have seen my share of cliché, deja-vu crap, but Marley brings it all to a new level.

    Expect to be SWIMMING IN CHEESE during this movie. It's everywhere.

    What else can one say? Apart from a few acceptable scenes with Wilson's work partner and the dog, the movie itself (which runs at around 2 hours but feels more like 8) has nothing to offer. No engaging plot-line, no intriguing story, nada.

    The viewer tries to feel happy at the fact that the movie promotes making a family and the rest, but even that sense of right is squashed under the doubt that's thrown around here. The main characters are completely ego-centered. They live immersed in themselves. Even Aniston, who decides to give up her job to raise her kids, is always whining about it, which kind of defeats the beauty of her move, like she is unhappy with her choice.

    Of course she could have gone back to work after her child-rearing hiatus, but none of it.

    Wilson's character is an epic douche-bag in this film. He only thinks about himself, and yet he's always undecided, never making up his damn mind, which makes for a thoroughly uninteresting main character (who is never satisfied, basically).

    The purpose of this film escapes me. (Well, perhaps it doesn't - to throw both of these career-dead actors back into the "limelight" (this superficial move seems to have worked, from the popularity this film is getting hitherto), no matter what crap they're showcasing. It's just a flawed move).

    A few skits with a dog doing silly things can be easily accessed on youtube. A movie created around those, and offering nothing else, is best left on the shop shelf.

    Stick to the trailer. 4/10.

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    Dog lovers should will probably see this(for free)

    The weirdest part is that their children get absolutely no character building at all, they end up in the background, and the dog is primarily a threat.
    In my experience, dogs and kids are a symbiosis. The parents should have gone into the background.

    The most interesting wilson & aniston scene was
    Spoiler: Show
    . I do not think i have seen that in a film before. I was surprised.

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    Firstly, don't you know by now not to take stock in any rating sytem. They are full of crap. Second, while Marley & Me was not a blockbuster movie for me, I really did not find it to be a bad film.. As for character building, read the book. Everything makes sense and shed an entire lite on the movie. I give it a 7/10. They did not completely go from the book, it was close though.


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