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Thread: Looking For Good 0day Ftp!

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    Looking for a good reliable 0day ftp slot that has the latest House, Trance, Electronic Music & Xvid. Email me with your info and price please at hope to hear from someone soon
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    Not a scene ftp, but the pres are fast & theres lots of stuff
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    mp3 ftp server daily update released from scene upto 350 dir
    pm msn -

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    Looking for a good payserver too! Please PM

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    me too

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    lookin for good 0day or 0sec ftp with new rap and rnb! willin to pay! pm me or send me a message on AIM at PhantasmPH.

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    What does 0day mean?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wine View Post
    What does 0day mean?
    0-day warez (pronounced as zero day warez sometimes as "0 days") - This refers to any copyrighted work that has been released the same day as the original product, or sometimes even before. It was considered a mark of skill among warez distro groups to crack and distribute a program on the same day of its commercial release.

    Wikipedia >

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    Thank you!

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    hi guys just joined a bit back and was also looking for a good ftp slot any one have have any info

    many thanks

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