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Thread: Strange Warning On Kazaa

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    Hi at all!
    Looking for some pictures of models, I got a file saying I would have downloaded child porn and this was illegal and I would be arrested bla bla bla... Of course, I didn't download cp, but what about this (renamed) file telling me such things? Any ideas?

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    what is getting a file saying I would have got child porn?

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    Sorry, my English isn't very good.
    The file was a .bmp, and and it showed a text like "You have downloaded cp, so you got this file and because of this you're arrested".

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    I did not charge anyone - cause everyone is humas as well, or any alien?

    ok, it depends on the law in the country you are if it is legal:
    in germany child porn is not legal - I think this is right - cause many children
    are being not treated well for this porns. It is really sad to see this violence.
    And police in germany are looking for people who have child porns whether on
    paper or as images. (some hundreds of disk were already found with hundreds of gigabytes! it is really amazing SAD!)

    But if it writes in the Filedescription? that it is child porn, it is not a warning from
    police. Eveyrone can write anything in decsriptios, although desc. should well describe what is inside the file. Means: If you get a warning from police, you could be taken to court. But normally police do not warn you - they come without saying when to your house to search for illegal porns. That is what I heared about this hot sad topic in some ways...


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    Well, I do not have any cp files on my computer or on disks, CDs etc. Some of the files I was looking for contained girls around the age of 15, I guess, but I deleted them, when I saw the pictures, because I was looking for real models and not for teen models.
    The file concerning arrest didn't look very professional. Although there was a symbol which might be used by any police-organisation, the whole file was too "coloured" and the text was styled in different ways.
    I'm just so worried about this shit...

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    Bah you have nuthin to worry about. If you wanna hear sumthin REALLY pants-wetting, hear my story about a webpage and Evidence Eliminator....

    I DLed Evidence Eliminator from Kazaa, with keygen, installed, used for 3 days, then got an error: A DLL is missing. Please connect to the internet and press OK to download it again.
    I pressed ok, got to the webpage and got this:
    Your IP of [My IP] has been logged.
    We warned you when you tried to enter your stolen Keycodes. We told you, but you wouldnt listen.
    But we wont track you down. You are in enough trouble as it is for leaving evindence of your files on your comp.

    And at the bottom, a link to the FBI webpage...........

    As you can imagine, THAT scared the living SHIT outta me
    Sage goes in the signature field.

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    I forgot to write, that the text wasn't in the file description. The file description was something like "young model", but I didn't look at it at first because I downloaded several files at once. But instead of a picture of model, the file contained the text about arrest which was "You've tried to download cp and so you got this file and you're arrested".
    I hope, everyone understands now, what I want to say.

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    It all seems very fishy to me to be honest . If your computer has nothing like child porn on it I don't see what you are so worried about .
    As for the warning it is probably someone sharing fake files which have pedo descriptions so as to scare the living daylights out of kiddie fiddlers. A pretty admirable activity in my opinion.

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    Okay, I think cp-pics should be banned from the internet, but it seems to be impossible.
    Well, I'm worried because there were some pictures with young girls among the files, I've downloaded. Although I've deleted them by hitting shift+del, I'm not sure if it's possible to show that there were these pics on my computer. I've heard things you deleted can be found by experts because they are saved in any file. Is that true?

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    You're paranoid. You did nothing wrong so you don't have to worry about anything.

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