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Thread: Best Version Of Windows Xp?

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    Whats the best version of Microsoft Windows XP. Home edition, Pro edition, Corp edition? (or woteva otha versions there are)

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    i'll vote for pro

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    whats the diffences between the 3?

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    not sure but i think corp is just a "special edition" of pro without the activation designed for buisnesses who dont have time to activate all of their machines
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    As far as I can tell Pro is the original OS.

    Home is just Pro without some of the networking and security features.

    There is no Corp version. "Corporate" is just referring to the licencing arrangement- it doesn't need activation like Pro and Home do. Other than that it is the same as Pro.
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    I will have 2 XP PRO is the best 2, never had any problems with it, i may never update from XP PRO

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    Pro is basically Home but with more features - mostly little things

    and the Corporate edition is just Pro but less hassle
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    Corporate Edition is the way to go. No activation bullsh*t and it's the same as Pro.

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    i dled corp from suprnova, and it never works. and 1 more thing, how come all the xp's are upgrade discs? y can't i just pop it in to a blank harddrive and install?

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    Re. Pro and it's activation. That isn't really that much of an issue, since it was cracked a very long time ago.

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