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Thread: uk nova site - keep getting re-directed to iplaforol

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    Is anyone else having probs with uk nova, i keep getting re-directed to iplaforol, on the redirected page it also states
    In this phase of the test, we're concentrating on existing online TV enthusiasts. We have taken obtained ownership of several domains previously being used to operate illegal TV file-sharing services, and hope to attract many of their users to this exciting new service.
    any help would be appreciated

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    Aprils Fools Day. And at that, they have done a decent job!
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    iplaforol .phonetics

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    bugger they got me, my excuse is i dont know what day it is at the best of times

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    So in other words, we can't access uknova today. That sucks!

    (Cheers for the explanation though - i certainly fell for it)
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    to get back into uk nova
    Go on the signup page (for the iPlaForOL) fill it - not with real details - anything random (but make sure the email address is the and then click signup and it should take you to the Uknova back into uk nova

    i did as above and it worked


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