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Thread: Nod32?

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    Anyone has a hash to download NOD32 ? The full version with the crack ?


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    Download it from the official site and the crack from a crack site (see pinned topic).

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    The crack works fine ? I heard people that were having problems to find a crack that works.. Do you think that it is a good idea to replace it instead NAV 2003 Professional?

    Thks in advance.

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    To answer your questions. No. No, not for you. This is how I answered sharedholder.

    Posted: 19 September 2003 - 06:59
    Hey SH. I really like NOD32. But the cr*ck is month to month at best. I scramble around trying to get new un/pw. Just had to get another 2 days ago. I've tried like around a half dozen cr*cks for it but they don't stick. So myself & I imagine a few hundred others are just going month to month. I'll read a thread elsewhere on a new cr*ck & get excited, then realize I've tried it already. If I had a faster machine I go for KAV Pro 4.5. But NOD32 scans my HDD in 4 minutes vs 35 for KAV & 15 for NAV.

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    Many thanks but I guess that I found a crack that works great.



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